Should I Claim My College Age Children for 2020?

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Example:  Mom and Dad have an AGI (Adjusted Gross Income) of $120,000, they also have one college age child (age 20).  This child has wages of $3,000 and Unemployment of $12,000. If mom and dad claim their child and use the education credit their federal tax would be $9,530.  If they don’t claim their child … Read More

What in the World is QBI?

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It is true that the forms 1040EZ and 1040A have disappeared from our tax vernacular, but the new form 1040 has added some true game changers.  One of the biggest shows up on line 9 of the new form 1040 and is called the “Qualified Business Income Decution”.  Better know as the QBI decuction or … Read More

The Divorce

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The change in claiming of alimony on your 2018 Federal tax return is not the only “divorce” that has taken place in 2018.  We have been discussing the changes in the Federal tax code under the TCJA of 2018 that includes changes in the tax brackets, elimination of exemptions and adjustments to income and much more impacting … Read More