• 6419 Letter – This is your Advance Child Tax payments.   The amount that is reported from the Internal Revenue Service MUST match what is on your return or your refund can be delayed for at least six months.


  • 1095-A – This form is used if you have health insurance through the health care marketplace. If you receive this form you have to reconcile the amount of subsidy to your income on Form 8962.   If you do not use Form 8962 your refund can be delayed for six to 12 months.


  • 1099G – This is the form you receive for unemployment benefits received during the calendar year.   For New York State residents you need to call and request the form to be mailed to you or go online and print the form.   If you don’t report your unemployment on your return you will receive a bill a year in a half later with Interest and Penalties.


  • Stimulus 3 payments – Just like your 2020 return were you had to reconcile the Stimulus 1 and 2 payments you have to reconcile your Stimulus 3 (up to $1,400 per person) on worksheet 8 of the tax return. Your figure that you use on this worksheet MUST match what the IRS has on file or your refund will be delayed six to 12 months.


  • Identification PIN – If you have ever been a victim of identity theft through your tax return the IRS will issue you a six digit pin. If you do not use this pin your return will not be processed.

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