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Don't overlook the big benefits of contributing to your pension or IRA. If you have the benefit from your employer, contributing is a way to reduce your taxable income. That contribution saves you taxes based upon your tax bracket and can even get you a retirement savers tax credit up to 50% of the first $2,000 in money you contributed. If you have no plan at work, don't forget you still have until April 15th 2024 to make contributions to an IRA for yourself and your spouse if you are still working.

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High yield savings and CD rates as of 1/24/2024

Savings accounts (these have no specific term....can change yield anytime they want)

BMO           5.10%
Capital one   4.35%
American Express bank   4.35%
Barclays     4.35%
Western alliance bank   5.32%
Synchrony bank    4.75%
UFB Direct    5.25%
Betterment    5.50%

C.D.'S  (You are committed to term...and they are committed to yield...)

Marcus    5.4%   14 month 
Gainbridge   5.8%   3 year .....great rate!   great term!
BMO Alto   5.3%  1 year
Forbright   5.45%  9 month
Barclays     5.30%  1 year
Discover bank   5%   1 year
BrioDirect 5.35% 1 year
Marcus 5.35 1 year

*CD rates Change Daily