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*"Easy Advance" up to $2500 - NO FEE/0% APR

Are you counting down the days until your refund money comes in?  "Easy Advance" is your answer to get your dollars sooner with NO FEES and 0% APR!!  Click here for more information.

Tax Cuts & Jobs Act - 2018

The EG Tax staff not only knows the current tax code, but we understand the impact of the new tax code signed into law. Use our worksheet to compare tax year 2017 to 2018.  Click here to learn more.

Where's My Refund

The IRS gives a time table of up to 21 days before the refund may be released to the taxpayer.  State tax agencies do not provide a time table.  Click here ot use our links to the "Where's My Refund?" to track your refund.

Schedule Appointment

It is never too early to schedule your appointment for the upcoming tax season at one of our 31 area offices to have your tax return prepared by one of our highly trained tax professionals.

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What to Bring for My Tax Appointment?

To assist us in maximizing your refund and minimizing your tax liability, click here to use our tax organizer prior to your appointment.

The Road To Retirement

The road to retirement has many questions.  Our clients often ask us if they should take their Social Security benefits at an early age or wait until their full retirement age.  Click here for our Social Security Benefits Calculator to aid in your decision.

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Up The Canal Without a Paddle?

Do you find yourself treading water when it comes to figuring out your tax return.  Esther has your life saving answers every Saturday from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. on WBEN 930AM.  Click here to listen to prior broadcasts in the archives of radio shows and TV shows.



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Under a new ruling from the IRS, taxpayers can take advantage of the tax write off known as casualty loss.

Ask the Tax Lady!!

Are you wondering what the tax law means to you?  Are you uncertain of the decisions you need to make before the close of the current tax year?  Are there impending tax situations that you need to plan for?  Ask Esther for her personal advice.

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